In Pakistan, killing another actress, husband entered the house and shot himself


Lahore: Another case of crime against women actress has emerged in Pakistan. Recently, film actress and singer Reshma was shot and murdered by her husband in Khyber Pakhtunkawa, Pakistan. Reshma was killed in Pakistan’s Nosera Kalan. It is being said that her husband only killed her in case of land dispute. She was her fourth wife, she was her fourth wife. But after the dispute with him, he was staying at his brother’s house.

According to the police, the accused entered the house and started firing. In this attack, the seriously injured Reshma succumbed to her injuries. After this, the accused did the murder in this manner to make a case of robbery afterwards. This incident is being told on August 1.

This is the 15th case of crime against women artists in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Earlier, in February, an Actress Sunbull was killed for not performing in the high profile party. Reshma is known for her many popular Pashto songs. Apart from this, they are also identified due to the major Pakistani drama Zobal Goluna.


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