Juhi Chawla wants to see these stars in ‘Hata Hai Hai Hindustani’


New Delhi: Two films of Juhi Chawla are completing two decades in July this year. His film ‘Yes Boss’ with Shahrukh Khan is being completed for 21 years. At the same time, the film made with his Aamir Khan is completing 25 years of ‘Hum Hai Rahi Pyar Ke’. Asked about Juhi Chawla about this, she smiles, saying that she never thought about how many years of her films had happened. He said that he asked his PR personnel to tweet in this regard, so he tweeted. He clearly showed that he does not believe in how long his film has taken. He said that ‘I did not see my 95 percent work myself. I have seen most of the movies in theaters only during their premiere. Never seen them again Now look at my films, I do not believe I have done the work in these films. ”

I would like to recreate ‘Hai Dil Hai Hindustani’
Juhi was asked if he would like to remake any of his films, then he said that he could think of remaking ‘Hate Dil Hai Hindustani’. He said that but he will not want to say anything about this, otherwise media people will be in a dilemma to gather more information about this. At the same time, it will start discussions on TRP for some channels. However, making such a film can be considered today.

Alia and Ranbir are the best actors
He was asked if he would like to see himself and Shahrukh Khan in the role of Shahrukh Khan in such a movie. Juhi said that Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhat can play a role in this film. He said that recently he has directed films like Sanju (Ranbir Kapoor in the lead role) and Raji (Alia Bhat was in the lead role in the film). He said that the performance of these actors in both films is amazing. He said that if ‘Even though Hrithik Hindustani’ is made again, then I would love to see these artists in the film.


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