People like to surprise their work: Shahid Kapoor


New Delhi: Whether it is Heather Mir Ho, Tommy Singh Ho, Maharaja Raval Ratan Singh Ho or the upcoming movie, actor Shahid Kapoor, character of Boxing Hero Dingko Singh, says that they like to surprise the audience with such work, the audience whose hopes Do not do with Shahid. In 2003, Shahid, who made his Bollywood debut with ‘Ishq Vishk’, did a very different movie like ‘Jab We Met’, ‘Kamine’, ‘Haider’, ‘Flying Punjab’, ‘Padmavat’, ‘Batte Gull Meter Current’ Provenance is proven. His latest film is going to be a formal announcement in which he will play Dingko Singh.

Shahid changed his image
On the question of creating another image by breaking an image, Shahid said during the conversation, “The creative person wants to surprise the people, so people should tell you something, you should break apart the criteria and start something different. Creativity will bring out and bring change, so I always like to do this. ”

Kui does not like to direct me
He said, “I do not like anyone telling me what I can do. I like to surprise people by doing unexpected work, that makes me an artist.” On realistic films, Shahid said, “It is a very good thing. It is a mirror of our society and it is the fact that people want to talk about stories that are about them.” Shahid “was a time when I was part of such films that I could not join.”

Good stories are being accepted
He said, “It is pleasant to see that good stories are being accepted. Real issues and movies based on people are being done.” He said, “Therefore, whatever opportunity I get in such films, I am grabbing it with both hands.” About his new film, ‘Batti Gul Meter Current’, he said, “This is a very entertaining movie. There is a joke, love story, it is based on friendship and family tales, but it also does something that is real, relevant and important. ”

Filmmakers working on a better story
Shahid has bowled for fashion designer Amit Agarwal in Lakme Fashion Week Winter Festival 2018 last week. They are happy with the better story of filmmakers who are making films nowadays. He said, “The way the filmmakers and writers are getting together and working on a better story, they are fantastic, you give the audience a mix of everything, it is a good balance.”


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