Shweta Tiwari ready to return to TV again after a long time


New Delhi: Actress Shweta Tiwari, who started her career with ‘Kasuri Zindagi’ after making distances from the TV for a long time, is ready to return to the TV again. He is about to start with the serial written and directed by Rakesh Bedi soon. Actor Shweta Tiwari, who made her a separate identity from ‘Big Boss’ during her interaction with India Today, told that many years ago when she was playing her role in Prithvi Theater, the director saw him and told him ‘Kasuri Zindagi’ Made for offers. Shweta again started her career through this serial.

He said, “After a long time, I am returning to TV from ‘We Separated’ and it has been a challenging role. Every actor has weaknesses and some limitations, but every actor can not improve his mistake, this is the same thing. Rakesh ji taught me. ” Shweta also said that acting with Rakesh makes an actor’s best choice and influencing her is a work. The drama presented by Felicity Theater reflects the mentality of today’s couple, whose life is weighed in the yarn of unbelief. It shows a society where infidelity or nervousness has to be faced, after which people resort to divorce.

Talking about the serial, Rakesh said, ‘Divorce is one of the most serious issues of our society. The serial shows how young couples have lost the concept of love, compassion and forgiveness, and the court gives it 6 months time, but do they work on it? We have come to find answers to such a few questions. He also said that working with both Shweta and Rahul was a rich experience.


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