VIDEO: This song of Khesharilal was released as soon as it was released, Kajal Raghwani appeared in different style


New Delhi: ‘Kahaa Sugharai’ has been released for the song ‘Sangharsh’ of Bhojpuri superstar Kaisarilal Yadav’s forthcoming film ‘Sangharsh’. The audience is very much liked by this song, it can be estimated that this song, which was released on July 30, a day earlier, has seen more than 4 lakh views so far. In this song, Khesarilal, Bhojpuri famous actor Kajal Raghavani is also seen. Recently the movie trailer was also released. Apart from ‘struggle’, Khesarilal is going to be seen in many Bhojpuri films this year.

More than 30 million movie trailers
Let Kajal Raghwani and Ritu Singh appear with Khesarilal in the film ‘Sangharsh’. Parag Patil, director of the film, has produced the film Ratnakar Kumar. This trailer, which was released on YouTube by Worldwide Records Bhojpuri, has seen more than 3 million views so far. It is worth mentioning that many of Khesarilal’s Bhojpuri films are ready to be released these days. The most talked about Khesarilal’s films are ‘Dabang Sarkar’, because Khesarilal Yadav has made a tremendous body in this film.

Say, ‘Dabang Sarkar’ is being said to be the most expensive film of Bhojpuri cinema so far. For this film Khesarilal Yadav has sweat sweat and made a muscular body. In ‘Dabang Sarkar’, along with Khesarilal, Akanksha Awasthi and Deepika Tripathi are in lead role. At the same time Actress Kajal Raghwani will be seen giving special appeal in two of the film’s songs. Recently, Kajal said in an interview, “I gave my cent per cent to him. I’m glad he is bringing a wonderful movie. I hope the movie ‘Dabang Sarkar’ is a super-duper hit.


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