After Blood Moon, on 11th August, the last solar eclipse of the year, do not work


New Delhi: The third and last solar eclipse of this year is going to take place on August 11. The solar eclipse that lasted 3 hours and 28 minutes is special in many ways, because only a few days ago, the world had seen the longest lunar eclipse and blood moon of the world. According to Jyotishcharya, this time partial solar eclipse will happen.

What happens to solar eclipse
When the moon comes between the Sun and the Earth’s orbit, its shadow on the sun. In the partial solar eclipse, the Moon, Sun and Earth do not come in a straight line and some shadows of the Moon fall on the surface of the Sun. In the complete solar eclipse, they come in a straight line. Therefore, due to the Moon the sun’s rays can not reach the Earth. Consequently, the condition of being completely dark for a few moments is generated. The same phenomenon is called the solar eclipse.

Where do the solar eclipse appear?
This time the solar eclipse is partial, which will appear in the northern hemisphere of the Earth. According to scientists, this time the solar eclipse will be seen in East Asia, Russia. Though the people of the last solar eclipse of the year will not be able to do so.

Avoid doing these things …
The solar eclipse is considered bad in many countries including India. Not only that, the sunk era which begins sometime before the solar eclipse is considered bad time too. It is said that some work should not be done during this time. Not only this, the permission should not be made outside of the house without the permission of the elder. So let us know who should avoid doing this during the solar eclipse.

1. Before the solar eclipse, place basil leaves in the milk, yogurt and other food items kept in the house. It is believed that by putting basil leaves in food items, there is no effect of eclipse on them.
2. If you want to relax then do it before the solar eclipse. Because the sun is forbidden to rest during eclipse. Although it is said that eclipse does not apply to children, the elderly and patients.
3 According to the belief of Hindu religion, should avoid doing puja and other auspicious works during the eclipse period.


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