Elections after Independence broke the country – Farooq Abdullah


New Delhi: National Conference President Farooq Abdullah has made a big statement after announcing the boycott of upcoming municipal and panchayat elections in Jammu and Kashmir. While addressing a program, Farooq Abdullah has said that the number of elections since independence has been done by dividing India rather than uniting it.

Abdullah can not win honesty
Farooq said, ‘We fight for temples and mosques, we do not fight for the people. We lie, we are afraid that if we are honest we will not win, but this assumption is really wrong. Any politician, entering the electoral arena, will have to tell the public that you can not do things beyond a certain point.

‘Politics is not politics, bad’
Farooq Abdullah said, “Politics is not bad, politicians can get spoiled. Many of us join politics for service and many of us get involved in politics to earn money. God does not live in temples, mosques or gurudwaras, he lives in people and if you serve people then you are serving God.

What is the need to remove Article 35-A?
On the other hand, Abdullah accused the central government of making many mistakes on Kashmir and said steps should be taken to win the hearts of people. Abdullah said that whenever there are issues like removal of Article 35A, then the people of the state get hurt. Abdullah had said that it was not that Delhi did not make any mistake; Delhi did not make any mistake. He has made many mistakes. What is the need to remove Article 35-A? People are sad about such things. If you want to join hearts, then you have to take steps to win the hearts of people. Without this you can not win

National Conference will not participate in Jammu and Kashmir elections
It is notable that some days ago, Farooq Abdullah had announced that his party would not participate in the upcoming elections. He said that till then the party will not clarify its stand on Article 35A, which gives special privileges to the residents (Jammu and Kashmir) and will not take effective steps to protect them, their party will not be part of the elections.

Supreme Court adjourned till January
It is worth noting that the Supreme Court postponed the hearing on the petition challenging Article 35A on 31st August, because the Center had sought the government’s views on the matter after the Panchayat elections in Jammu and Kashmir. The court granted the stay on the request of the central government after the Panchayat elections in the state on the matter. Panchayat elections in eight phases in the state will end in December Chief Justice Deepak Mishra, Justice M. Khanvilkar and Justice DY Chandrakup had adjourned the hearing till the second week of January.

Was implemented in 1954
Article 35A was incorporated in the Constitution through the order of the President in 1954. Under this, there is a restriction on outsiders to settle in the state or purchase real estate.


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