If you can not visit this Janmashtami temple, then worship Lord Shrikrishna like this at home.


New Delhi: Lord Vishnu’s eighth incarnation Lord Krishna is celebrated with great pomp and cremation throughout the world including India. This time, Krishna Janmashtami has a similar coincidence, as in the Dwapar era, Lord God assumed the form of Bal Gopal. Let it be said that Krishna Janmashtami is very auspicious for unmarried couples. In such a situation, if you want to please Lord Krishna, but you can not go to the temple for worship of God, then staying at home can also please Him by worshiping Lord Krishna. If you do not have a temple around your house then you can worship Lord Krishna in the temple of the house.

Worship method
To worship Lord Krishna at home, take bath in the morning and wear new clothes and tilak. After this, purify the temple of the house and establish a small cot in the temple. After this, take a bath of Lord Krishna’s statue with honey, milk ghee, curd and water and wear yellow clothes to Lord Krishna. After wearing the cloth, make a tilak from God’s sandalwood and make a make-up with yellow ornaments. After this, establish the statue to be installed.

Take a kumkumu, sunlight, lamps, flowers and ganga water in a flat in a clean plate. In a second plate, keep the ghee lamp in it as well as fruits and water. Take water from the lote with your left hand and drink water while chanting ‘Om Achyutay Namah’. Now, light the ghee lamp in front of Lord Krishna and sing hymns of Lord Krishna. Now sing the artisan of Lord Krishna and enjoy them. In the temples, Lord Krishna is allowed to enjoy more than 108 dishes, but if you are worshiping at home then you can enjoy them with Lord Krishna’s beloved things.

After indulging in Lord Krishna, ask for forgiveness from him and apologize for all his sins. After this, Prasad has been offered as well as the people in the neighborhood. If possible, feed a guava at home on this day and give them dakshina. Also, do not forget to serve the cow on this day. It is said that the cow was very dear to Lord Krishna. In such a way, serving cows can be beneficial. Please tell us this Ashtami date is two days. The Ashtami on September 3 will be until 19:19. In such a way, you can worship God on September 3.


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