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New Delhi: According to Dr. Tarun Kumar Sahni of Indraprastha Apollo, the problem of not sleeping, there are some medical areas like sleep apnea syndrome, but most people are struggling with this problem due to their uncomfortable daily routine and some habits. Due to untimely routine and deteriorating habits, this problem has not only reached most homes, but has started making its prey to every member of the house.

Alam is that the problem of not sleeping due to the careless attitude of the people is seen as a normal thing. Gradually, the same problem takes the form of diseases such as irritation, blood pressure and hypertension. After that, most people begin to rotate in the hospital. Most people start to believe that there are other diseases, including blood pressure, due to lack of sleep. As a result, medicines are tried to control these diseases.

According to Dr. Tarun Kumar Sahni, the problem is that no person tries to understand that what is the root cause of this problem? He said that one of the reasons responsible for not being sleepy is the habit of seeing people continuously watching TV. This habit is continuously removing their sleep from them. The problem of not sleeping due to habit of watching TV has also been certified in medical science.

The best thing to do for a good sleep is that your mind is completely calm.
As the movement of the brain cools down, people start moving towards sleep.
Most people like to watch TV before sleeping.
The shows watched on TV are based on social issues or criminal issues.
Seeing the serial based on the issues, you start thinking about it.
As a result, the brain starts to run fast instead of being cool.
This stir started in your mind started taking your sleep away from you.
When people do not sleep, people start scrolling to the mobile.
As a result, sleep goes away from you, instead of coming closer to you.
Keep these things in mind for good sleep
According to Dr. Tarun Kumar Sahni, if you want to take good sleep

You should stop your TV half an hour before sleeping.
In the evening, avoid watching television shows that should be disturbing mentally.
Turn off the lights in the bedroom and avoid watching TV completely in the dark.
There should be enough light in the room while watching TV.
During this time there should be no such dialogue in the house, which will increase the mind-bust.
Half an hour before bedtime, turn the bright lights of the bed room into a very slow light.
Put your attention on things that will ease your mind and body.
These efforts can include yoga, listening to music, reading waterlogged literature, etc.
Do not lie down on the bed and sit on the chair immediately after dinner.
Use this time for yoga or excursion.


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