MP: A temple of education, alcoholics were forced to sit with the staff, teachers and staff


Bhopal: The ‘School Chale Hum’ campaign in Shiyopur, Madhya Pradesh seems to be showing some drunkenness. Become among the middle of the city, it comes in the primary center, where 102 students come and read, but they are sitting in fear in the classroom. Students are not afraid of teachers, but those alcoholics who drink alcohol in school premises and never interfere with their children. School teachers are now forced to sit with sticks and sticks outside the class due to their security.

The case is the Salpura Primary School, which is the primary welfare department of Karhal tehsil. There are four teachers here, but a teacher has taken a 2-day leave, which has not returned even after 5 months, and another teacher and school in-charge, Kavita Jain, also became in charge of child ashram by making her attachment due to disorder in the school. Now there are two teachers in the school who are studying 102 children.

Tea shop looking inside school
School teacher Anju Bhadauria says that the primary center of Karhal tehsil is the problem of water in the city of Salpura. Hand pump is bad for two years, due to which children carry water after crossing the road. In the same place, the drunken people lie down in the school and in addition to disturbing, there are also abusive abuses. The teacher further said that as a woman, we keep the poles so that they can protect themselves if needed. On the other hand, Seema Chaurasia, the second teacher, says that alcoholics have been occupied by the school. The charge of 2 days leave has not returned even after five months.

Collector did promise promise
Principal teacher locked in the room but did not know who has applied. Due to lack of transboundary wall in school, alcoholists have built a haven here. Within the school premises, people have set up a tea shop. District collector, they say we will investigate. The DPC will also be told that if such a situation exists then the school will be first free from alcoholics. After this there will also be a shortage of teachers and arrangement of drinking water will be made.


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