Narayan Sai’s wife reached the court for the outstanding amount of feed nutrition


Indore: The wife of self-styled goddess Asaram’s son Narayan Sai, along with a clamor for receiving the amount of four lakh rupees for the maintenance expenses, approached the family court of Indore on Saturday. Narayan’s wife Janaki Harpalani (41), wife of Indore resident Rohit Yadav, told that the Additional Chief Justice of the court, Renuka Kanchan issued the summons on his client’s application and ordered the defendant (Narayan) to appear before the court on November 20. is. Significantly, Asaram and his son are locked in different jails in different cases of rape.

Yadav said that Narayan was locked in Surat’s Lajpur jail in connection with rape. He said that the court had ordered Narayan on 17th January that he would pay his wife a monthly maintenance charge of Rs.50,000 and a case fee of Rs.1000 per month. At the same time, the defendant has not paid even a rupee to his client in the last eight months while allegedly defaming the court order, while he is the owner of a large property. Yadav told that Janki has been living separately from her husband Narayan for a long time. He has charged mental harassment with his husband in the case of the court and accused of sexual relations with other women.


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