A 7.8 magnitude powerful earthquake in Fiji, not a tsunami warning


Hong Kong: Late night in Fiji, the strongest shock of 7.8 magnitude earthquake was felt. However no tsunami alert has been issued. According to the US Geological Survey, the center of the earthquake was located 102 kilometers southeast of the capital Suva. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said that the depth of the superintendent of the earthquake was very high, hence there is no danger of a tsunami. The earthquake of the earthquake was at a depth of 609 kilometers.

8.2 earthquake of magnitude, no loss notice
Even before this, a shock of 8.2 magnitude earthquake in Fiji was felt on Sunday. The American Geological Survey said that there is no apprehension of Tsunami because the center of the earthquake was very deep in the earth. There is no immediate notice of any kind of damage from this. American earthquake scientist said that earthquakes occurred at 12.25 pm local time.

Its center was at a depth of 559 kilometers (364 miles) east of the capital, Surat, 361 kilometers (224 miles). The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center of Hawaii said there was no danger of “tsunami” because the center of the earthquake was very deep in the earth. “Let it be said that on Friday only a sharp shock was felt in the southern Costa Rica near the Panama border. Gone, whose intensity was measured to 6.0.

Although there is no information about loss of life and property due to earthquake. The US Geological Survey said that the intensity of earthquake was measured 6.0. It was in the depths of 19 kilometers north of 19 km north of the town of Moreendra Golphito. Earthquake shock was felt at 5:22 in the evening, according to local time.

On Friday, nine earthquakes of tremors were felt in Southern Italy in just two hours, the fear of which forced the people to sleep outside their homes. Italy’s National Earthquake Science Agency (INGV) said that an earthquake of 5.1 magnitudes occurred on Tuesday at eight o’clock in 19 minutes. After this shock, eight earthquake tremors were felt and the intensity of the maximum shock was 4.4.


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