America returned two ancient sculptures of $ 225,000 stolen from India


New York: America has returned two ancient sculptures of thousands of dollars stolen from India displayed in two American museums. The first statue ‘Lingopadhavamurthy’ is of 12th century. This historic idol built by Lord Shiva’s granite is of Chola period. At present, its price is estimated to be $ 225,000. It was stolen from Tamil Nadu and was displayed in Alabama’s Birmingham Museum. The second statue is the statue of Bodhisattva ‘Manjushree’. He has a sword in his hands and the idol is painted in gold color. This 12th century statue was stolen from a temple near Bodhgaya in Bihar in the 1980s.

Its current price is estimated to be around $ 275,000. It has been acquired from the University of North Carolina’s Auckland Art Museum. These sculptures were handed over by Manhattan District Art Cyrus Vance Jr. to Indian Consul General Sandeep Chakraborty in an event at the Consulate in New York on Tuesday. Chakravarty has appreciated this effort.


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